Introductory General Chemistry

Introductory General Chemistry



This coming fall I will be using some of CREATE methodologies in one of my introductory chemistry course (CHM1025). The plan will be to start introducing CREATE to students in this course and eventually increase the use of CREATE with the same students when they move up to upper chemistry (General Chemist I) level course.


Applicable for Courses:

Introductory Chemistry

Educational Level:

Introductory level

Roadmap Objectives:

    • Article: The dog ate my homework and other gut-wrenching tales ( by Michael Tinnesand, ChemMatters, September, 2005) PDF file attached.
    • Content area/major concepts: scientific methods, chemical reactions, physical and chemical changes.

      Compare the chemical brake down of digestible carbohydrates versus non-digestible carbohydrates.
    • Methods or technology used to obtain data:
    • How the CREATE strategy was used: Concept mapping using chemistry terms including atoms, molecules, enzymes, proteins, amino acids, chemical bonds, covalent and ionic bonds, hydrogen bonds etc… Cartoon the sugar test experiments for the identification of reducing sugar and non-reducing sugar in divers food samples. Concerning our pre-designed chemistry Laboratory experiments, students will be required to cartoon each experiment (in groups of 3 or 4) as part of their pre-laboratory assignments. These cartoons will then be discussed during the class session before the experiment.
    • Biggest teaching challenge:
    • Article: Study on the determination of heavy-metal ions in tobacco and tobacco additives by microwave digestion and HPLC with PAD detection.(G. yang, Z. Li, H. Shi and J. Wang, Journal of analytical chemistry, 2005, 60, pp.480 – 485) and/or Determination of Cu, Mn, Hg, Pb and Zn in the outer tissue washings outer tissues, and inner tissues of different vegetables using ICP-OES. Ibrahim Arif, h. Khan, A. Homaidan and A Ahamed; Polish J. of environ. Stud, 2011, 20, pp. 885-841.
    • Content area/major concepts:
    • Methods or technology used to obtain data:
    • How the CREATE strategy was used:
    • Biggest teaching challenge:

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